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8 Sep 2023 -

Spottersday - Welcome

Dear spotter,

Kleine-Brogel Air Base is proud to -once again- present THE spotters event of the year 2023.

Ahead of The Belgian Air Force Days 2023, a unique spotters event will be organized on Friday 8 September 2023 , showing numerous aircraft and helicopters and giving you a splendid occasion to make the pictures you always have dreamed of.  Unlike the airshow, this Spottersday programme is intended for a limited audience of interested parties. There will be plenty of aircraft to spot on the ground, some rehearsal flights will take place and in addition, some aircraft will also arrive that will participate in the airshow on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 Sep. Not all stands and exhibitions will be open on Friday 8 Sep. If you want a total experience for young and old, we recommend buying a ticket for the airshow on Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 Sep 2023.

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Security Reasons
Ticketing: For security reasons we kindly ask you to submit one order for each person to provide your personal data. Please show us your ID when entering the air base.

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